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NBA 2K18 which is simulating basketball game is developed by Visual Concepts.

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The latest in the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K18 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It simulates the experience of National Basketball Association (NBA), one of the biggest sporting events in North America. It is the successor to the NBA 2K17 game and is the 19th installment in the NBA 2K franchise.

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The Method To Win Every Single Game In NBA 2K17 MyPark

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Everybody loves to win and we have found a brand new way to win every single game in NBA 2K17 MyPark. Even if you’re an experienced player, it would still benefit you immensely if you knew this method. You will be undefeated with this method and never lose a game again.

NBA 2K17 MyPark – Use this method to win every game

We will explain to you exactly what you need to do. At the check-in on offense, when the ball is passed to the center, have the other player run to the hoop so you can get a wide shot. Then just take the shot and its game over for the other team.


If you have the Grand badges then it’s even deadlier. Check-in, screen, open and shoot. It’s a confirmed basket. It’s definitely unguardable. If you have other badges like Hall of Fame then they will help immensely too. The Grand Badge means you can literally shoot from anywhere and still get that basket.



Contrary to what most people think, it is actually easier to play defense using two centers. Have one

The NBA 2K17 Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard Alternate

In June of 2015, Jordan Brand released maybe the most popular and important new retro colorway of the past several years, the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard. It proved that not everything has to be an OG colorway to be a hit; the sneaker community just needs a solid color scheme, quality materials and a story that expands upon the mythology of Michael Jordan.


16 months later, we were treated to a sequel in the form of the Air Jordan 1 Reverse Shattered Backboard. It featured the same orange, black and white color palette but in a style that brought to mind the iconic OG Chicago colorway. Interestingly enough, the “Reverse” in the name seems to be a sneakerhead creation as Nike officially calls them Shattered Backboard Away. Not surprisingly, these sold out rather briskly as well.


So what can we expect in another 16 months? Well, if Nike is to be believed and the second Shattered Backboard was the “Away” colorway, that probably means that the first one was the “Home” colorway.

NBA 2K17 Guide: Step-By-Step Reach All-Star Caliber Level

The NBA 2K franchise’s MyCareer mode is moving in a more theatrical direction, but on-the-court dominance will always be its main focus. To that end, it’s time for the latest installment in U4NBA’s annual NBA 2K guide series. For more NBA 2K17 tips, stay tuned here at where you can buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT here.


NBA 2K17 changed up MyCareer creation quite a bit with the reintroduction of player archetypes (slasher, lockdown defender, etc.), changes to the progression system, and a major overhaul to your player’s off-the-court life. Don’t be scared, rookies, we’ll get through this together.

If you missed last year’s guide or its predecessors, here’s a quick rundown of how this works: I take you through the creation and progression process of your MyCareer player step-by-step until you reach an all-star caliber level, you’re on your own. I play on the second-highest difficulty (the highest setting makes your teammates too terrible) with 12-minute quarters, offensive play ca

NBA 2K17 College Basketball Roster And Play Guide

The last time 2K Sports released a college basketball video game, Greg Oden was on the cover in an Ohio State jersey. In the nine years that have passed since the release of ‘College Hoops 2K8,’ basketball fans have been starving for a new game. While that wait continues, NBA 2K17 owners on PlayStation 4 can have the next best thing thanks to the hard work of a community uploader.


A user named SkillazKill has created 36 college teams and 198 players on NBA 2K17 available to be downloaded. If you follow the directions in the video below, you can turn franchise mode into the closest thing to a new college hoops game.


The level of detail in this is impressive. In addition to creating the schools, uniforms and rosters, there’s also arenas and coaches that look pretty close to the real thing. Check out Indiana’s court and virtual Jim Boeheim:

Indiana court

Jim Boeheim


Not bad at all. Here’s the list of teams available with the NBA counterparts you can swap out by watching

Guide of NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode

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1. Philadelphia 76ers

Brandon Ingram | Duke | SF | 6-9 | 200

Philadelphia's need for scoring gives Ingram the edge over Ben Simmons in what many teams consider a close call for who goes No. 1. Ingram was smooth as a freshman, with enough ball-handling skills to create his own shot on the perimeter or play above the rim when he moves inside. Even with rough patches in his transition to college, the NBA finds it easy to envision a small forward with great size who will need to get stronger as he gets older. Ingram does not turn 19 until September, just before training camp. "You can not expect anything out of him next year," a GM said. "He's so weak it's crazy."

2. Boston Celtics

Dragan Bender | Israel | PF | 7-1 | 220

For all the talk about the possibility of the 76ers and / or Lakers making deals, the Celtics are probably the best candidate of all as a team pushing to get in position for a long playoff run now. The obvious need of adding outside shooting, especially behind the arc

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NBA 2K17: Most Authoritative US NBA Mobile Game

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 NBA 2K17 has the latest improvements, new features, updated line-up, as well as more opportunities to earn virtual currency. Undoubtedly, the latest of 2K17 will bring the most real beauty of NBA experience. And it also included in the NBA 2K16 Popular brilliant career mode, after enhanced picture quality and player models, the new operation will provide a more fluid movement and realistic movement of convergence. At the same time, in the new operation and expansion devices support, this will definitely be by far the most authoritative US NBA mobile gaming experience!

Features of NBA 2K17:

Choice of Classic Mode or a finger touch control

Having great graphics and addictive gameplay

Designed according to the latest transfer players until 2016

When the game to increase the thrill of playing real music

The possibility of tactical movements to overcome the opponent

Results of the game in detail on the top

The audience is encouraged to increase the thrill of the game

Ability to

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